Sunday, October 24, 2010


Usually changes don't settle very well with me. I am one of those people that like to be in a rut and have things be completely simple, hence the move back to Arkansas. But, this week has been full of changes and to me they are great ones. The house is officially on the market. The sign is up out front and it is listed on many websites. No calls yet, but they will come I am certain of it!!

My youngest daughter, Tashia, turned 21 last Tuesday. And Wednesday my eldest daughter, Becca, swore in for the Navy and will be leaving Dec. 14th to go to bootcamp.

Yesterday I went into work and found a schedule with my name highlighted on it and thought oh boy, here we go. My hours are always the same, in fact everyones is so there has never been a schedule printed up. The first thing I noticed was that I now have Tuesday and Wednesdays off, ok VERY  COOL!! Oh but wait, the store is closed on Sundays. Oh crap. And now I won't be going in till 10am and still get off at 2pm. HOURS CUT!!! At first I was freaking out a bit because that is a big cut and a lot less money. The more I thought about it though this could be a good thing. Means more time to work on my art and it also means that when the house does sale and I have to do that last bit of packing that I will have more time for it. So maybe the powers that be are getting things ready for me to do all these things. I had been wishing and hoping for a long time to just have two days off that are in a row and not spread out through the week. So this was an answer to my prayers.

Another change coming on Tuesday. I will be turning 43. OMG!! I'm so old!! And I'm sick right now and run down so I feel even older!! I know it isn't that old, but dang it right now it sure feels like it. So the first week of these new hours I won't be able to take full advantage of it I will spend most of it on the couch being sick. That part sucks!!

My mom did get me a gift certificate for a local stamp store yesterday for my birthday. WOOHOO! Haven't bought craft supplies in so long because we have been so broke, so this will be a nice change to be able to go get a few things. Namely some pinata inks. I have just a few colors, red and blue, and would like to get some more basic colors. There is a project I have been wanting to do with the inks, so now maybe I will be able to do it.

Well, I should get some things done around here and chance my grandson, AJ, around. Tashia went out last night for her 21st birthday and you know what that means. Told her to stay at her friends house last night after they went bar hopping, not only because of not wanting her driving, but also I didn't want AJ woken up by her being in the bathroom all night. LOL So, it's me and him today and of course he is getting into everything so time to wrangle up the boy and find something for him to do before he destroys the whole house.

May your day be filled with many smiles!!

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  1. Look at what a great manifester you are, now you just have to be very careful what you wish for.
    Happy Birthday dear one!
    You are not old, I am.
    Har har har