Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just the beginning!!!

I finally have the time to sit and get this blog going. I have tried to get one of these going for so long but never could find the time to keep it going. I did realize that I was wanting to do too many posts in the past, so I am going to take the expectations off myself and just go with what gets done and be happy with it. 

Short bit about myself:

My name is Julia and currently I live in San Diego, though I am hoping that will be changing real soon, as I am hoping to sale my house and move back to Arkansas. But, everyone knows how the market is and who knows how long it will take to sale the place. I live with my youngest daughter and grandson, who will be going with me to Arkansas. She just recently got out of the Marine Corps and like me is ready to get back to the simple life where you wake up to cows mooing instead of the constant stream of traffic going by. My eldest daughter lives in San Diego as well, but is in the process of joining the Navy so she can go to college. She lives with her soon to be husband, who couldn't be a more perfect match for her. They all are my pride and joys and couldn't imagine a life without them!! 

I am a widow of almost three years now. Though I look back over the past three years and think it seems like an eternity, having a simple dream about my husband, like I did the other night, has made me realize that the pain is fresh and seems like it always will be. First thought through my mind after the dream was, "I will never get over him." Though I know that logically I will never get "over" him. I guess sometimes the heart goes numbs and it feels like it will then it comes slamming back in your face so quickly to remind you that it never will. But, I keep pushing on and moving forward. 

I work at Napa Auto Parts as a delivery driver. I love my job. To me there is not much around this world as peaceful as getting in a car and driving, so to be able to get paid to do it is all the more better. My job is my way of paying the bills, but is far from being my life's dream. That would be art. My art is my serenity and my true passion. If I could get paid to do that I would quit auto parts in a heartbeat. 

My main medium is polymer clay to put in jewelry, but also work with resin and seed beads as well. I also love to do scrap booking, painting, gourds, mixed media collage, and a list a mile long of other things. 

I just got home from four fun filled days of polymer clay at Sandy Camp. A retreat the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild puts on every year. It was amazing as always and such a way to boost that muse that all artists have. We have multiple demos a day by multiple artists. Everyone of them was very inspiring and gave me new ways of looking at clay and more things to do with it. I do have a few pictures that I am going to share. 

This was the view out of the back patio of my hotel room. It was so quiet with just the birds to keep me company. There were tons of humming birds as well, so beautiful and graceful the way they darted around without a care in the world. 

These are a little blurry but you get the idea. This is a little box that I made while at Sandy Camp. One of the demos that was given by Victoria was making these little boxes using a cookie cutter. Seeing it done in the demo made it so much easier to make these. The white in the picture darkened a little when I baked them, giving it more of a darker, gothic feel. Which actually makes me very happy as I am a dark and gothic type of person. The turquoise in the center is actually Swarovski crystal, just to give it that little bit of sparkle. 

 Again pictures are a little blurry, my cell phone camera isn't the best. This is a little pond that I still need to put the resin in for the water. This demo was taught my Christi Friesen, who is so amazing at teaching and has to be the funniest person to learn from. She breaks everything down so that us of lesser talent can understand and accomplish it. This was a lot of fun as well and as she said very addictive. I can definitely see more of these being made in the near future.

Faces in bezels. Dawn Schiller taught this demo. I had taken a class of hers a couple of years back and this class helped me remember how much I loved sculpting!!! The one of the left was my first attempt, as you can see I got a lot better with the second one. When I was finishing up the first one I took it to Dawn for some tips and she did like two little things and it made it all the better. The second one I did in my order, eyes first of course, but the rest I did in my order and for me it worked a lot better. 

This is a steampunk gravestone. I have been into making these little gravestones. It's a finding that Marie and Howard Segal sale at The Clay Factory (www.clayfactory.net) I've had these findings for quite sometime and I kept looking at them and didn't know what I could do with them. Yes they are shaped like little gravestones, but I kept wanting to go a different way. I finally gave in to the gravestone idea and just went for it, now I can't stop making them. I thought the word clunk would be the word that you would use if a steampunk had broken or passed on to gear heaven. 

There are other things that I learned there but haven't gotten a chance to try them out yet. I plan on getting to it real soon though and will post pictures when I get some of those things done. 

Well I need to go sit and relax a bit before Sons of Anarchy comes on!!! WooHoo, SOA night!!! Love that show! What can I say, deep down inside I'm just a biker wench (yes, I cleaned that up.)

Have a great week and may your days be filled with many smiles!!! 


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  1. Nice, I am so glad you did this Julia. I look forward to staying in touch with you this way when you move to the other side of the good ole USA.
    Well done and welcome to blog land!!
    love and hugs.