Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Papers Are Signed!!!!

WOOHOO!!! I couldn't be happier. The realtor came over this evening to get all the papers signed to put the house on the market. Will be coming over tomorrow evening to take the pictures to put them on MLS, even said she was going to put it on Craigs List. So if anyone out there is looking for a double wide mobile home in the Rancho San Diego/El Cajon are then check it out real soon on MLS!!! She said to get ready for lots of phone calls, well I'm not sure it will be all that much, but who knows!!! Think positive!! She did say it was a great location and one that people are really wanting so that is definitely a plus in my court. I am selling it at a great price too, so that will definitely help.

I can't wait!!! If it would happen before Christmas that would be my ultimate fantasy!! To be back home by Christmas would be all the gift I need. Already started looking at house in that area and of course there are plenty that would be perfect for us. Right about now I would take a shack, just to be home is all that matters.

I was going through a bunch of other blogs last night and found a link to a store in Eureka Springs, which is the area we are moving back to, that is a Pagan/Wiccan Store. I was so excited!! It must have opened after I moved out of that area. I don't remember anything like that being there before. So, another added plus to going home. Heck maybe I will meet others that have the same beliefs.

I ended up staying up a little late last night because I was reading a book by Scott Cunningham. The one about being a solitary practitioner. Can't remember the title exactly. I love the way  he puts everything and also explains the difference in the religions. Well not really the differences. I was raised in Christian household and even attended Christian private schools, so that ideal is very much ground into my head. The way he explained doing a rite as it being the same as praying, that made sense to me and made me see that really they aren't all that different. I've struggled for quite sometime on everything that was pushed into my head and weeding them out of sort.

For years now going down this path has seemed like it was meant to be. Every new friend I get I find out they are Wiccan/Pagan. When I am questioning myself about this path I will see a "Coexist" bumper sticker or something else along that lines. It is like it is always being put in my face. I have had these thoughts and beliefs for quite some time, but didn't have for name to it. The more people I meet the more I see to be the same as mine. My biggest thing has always been that religion is a very personal choice and having some preacher tell me how I am supposed to talk to Spirits is just wrong. He is just a man, how can he know how I should have a relationship, especially one that is so special. I have always thought that the powers that be have only wanted us to be loving and caring to each other and with that everything else will fall in place. Isn't that the basics? Just be nice!!! But, I have never found a religion that that was all, there is always this list of rules when really they are just beating a dead horse. Bottom line it!! Be nice!! Society has put so much of their garbage in the mix as well. Like a creed I read and I won't say which one because I am just learning and don't want to offend anyone if I state it wrong, but as long as it harms none!! To me that makes so much sense.

Guess it's kind of like, leave the "rules" simple and then one can actually enjoy the "religion". Instead of running around and doing the points and balance thing you can actually honor the powers that be. Isn't that was gives the glow that we allow others to see. That is the true feelings that will shine through. I don't have to brag about what I did as a good person, they will see on my face that I am a happy person and the love that I have for the powers that be will shine on my face.

I know little weird to use the saying the powers that be, but like I said I am just starting out with my journey and haven't decided on much more than I finally going to head down this path without hesitation anymore. Lot of reading and research left to do and a ton of learning, so I'm not pinpointing anything at this time.

Well going to end this for now. Son of Anarchy is on and I can't miss that for anything.

Have a great evening and may your days be filled with smiles,


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