Monday, November 1, 2010

I heard the crunch today....

I was out on a delivery today at work and I was going back to my car I stepped on a leaf that had fallen. It made that crunch noise and though my mind wasn't on going home to Arkansas and being that it was fall, that crunch floated me away to exactly those things. It's that wonderful sound of fall. The crunching of the leaves beneath your feet. I have never given any thought to that sound before and not sure why I even noticed today, but the instant I heard it I smiled so big and then I saw another leaf a few feet in front of me and I made a point of stepping on that one too. 

While I drove back to the store all these lovely images came into my mind. Mostly of the leaves and the colors of hills in Arkansas this time of year. I remember driving down the main road between the two towns and hunting out the colors of the leaves changing. I would point them out to my hubby..."Oh look there is a tree that is getting an early start on changing their colors." or "Wow look at the red of that tree." It was the same thing every year, but until today I had forgotten the beautiful sight of the leaf colors in fall. Looking back I see that I took it for granted. I noticed them, but never really took it all in. Now that I don't have them to see I really miss it. 

There are a few hills here in San Diego and I was noticing them the other day as well. Most are almost completely dirt with rocks and to some that may be beautiful. I was comparing them the other day to the hills that we had back home. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a hill filled with green trees, so filled that you can't even see the ground. And then the leaves change their colors and the hills almost look like they are on fire with all the reds, oranges, and yellows. Though they are leaves that are dying off they look so alive. Seeing that for me was always a marker that it was time to get ready for fall and then winter shortly behind it. 

I love the different seasons. Don't know why but I do know that life is kind of boring without them. They are like a stepping stone through life. A spot through your life's timeline to show you how far you have come. Here the weather is almost always the same and the days all run into each other. Nothing to separate them. When we were back home life would be broken up into seasons and that was always a marker to show what was to come next. Fall meant kids going back to school, preparing the house for cooler temperatures, preparing the vehicles for the same, holidays are close at hand, etc.. 

Just got up to get me something to drink and it just hit me. 

Here you live by the calendar. What is the date type of thing or there are Halloween or Christmas commercials on again so must be time to get ready for that. When you have seasons you live by nature. The date and time aren't as important. You have nature telling you what to do next in your life. Less complicated I think. Don't have to keep track of things as much because nature is doing that for you. 

Nature is like a personal assistant. 

Leaves are changing...time to prepare for fall and everything that it brings with it.
Leaves are gone...winter is definitely here, prepare for much colder temperatures.
Leaves are coming back and the flowers are in bloom...spring is here, time to put away the winter clothes and clean up the yard and house from winter.
Leaves have filled the trees with green and there are flowers everywhere...time for shorts and trips to the lake. 

Maybe that's why I felt so much peace living there. Life didn't just seem to go on by, I was living it. I was living with nature there, it wasn't something I would have to go visit if I wanted to see it, it was outside my front door and all around me. I also stopped to see the nature there more. You couldn't help it because it was all around you. I would see the simplest little flower and stop to enjoy it. I would hear the creek water and would go find it just so I could watch it flow by. All nature, all the time. What could be more wonderful?

Well the realtor is coming over tonight to go over some stuff so should get ready for that soon. Bringing in the positive thoughts to selling this place quickly so I can go hear more leaves crunch!!!

On a quick note...a friend of mine said to me to not be so hard on myself and just to let it flow into my life. Well today I think I did just that. Thank you hon!! Much love and hugs!!!

May your day be filled with many smiles and blessings~~~

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