Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the season to be jolly begin....

All the tubs are in the house and tomorrow we will begin putting everything up. This is the first time in years that I haven't had everything up by now, but with trying to sale the house and everything else, I was putting it off in hopes that I would be in Arkansas by now. I realized that that wasn't a reason to put it off any longer. Even if it's only up for a couple of weeks I still want to see the look on my grandsons face when he sees the tree all lit up and looking pretty. 

This will be his first Christmas, sort of. He was born December 22nd so the technical first one he was only three days old. Last Christmas he was with his "father". He had taken off with him without my daughters consent, this happened while my daughter was in the military, to Texas so we didn't get to see him for his first birthday or Christmas. It took Tash and my mom going back to Texas in the middle of the night by surprise to get him back and that wasn't able to happen until January because of the military. It was a very rough time for all of us especially for his mom. 

But this year he his home and I want to make it as special as possible. I can't give him much in the line of gifts as money is absolutely horrible for us right now. So the only real plan for a gift I have for him is to make him a blanket. It's not much but knowing how much he loves "blankies I know he will love it all the same. And to be able to see his face come Christmas morning is all that matters to me. So I just have to make it special in different ways. Decorating the house to the tilt. Making Christmas cookies so he can help decorate them. And anything else that I might come up with between now and then. 

Tash was upset that she wouldn't be able to buy him anything for Christmas, but I explained to her that it will be fine and everything will work out. Guess I'm one of those people that knows it will all work out in the end. Is it going to be the best Christmas he could have, well in monetary ways no it won't, but we have to find other ways of making it the best for what we have. There is a special little show that a local casino puts on that is free so I am definitely going to take him to that as well. It's a little ice skating thing about a princess and I think he would enjoy that.

If anyone should have any suggestions to help make this little boys Christmas a special one that doesn't cost any money I would love to hear them. 

I am slowly getting the Christmas excitement. I was a little bummed that I packed all my card making supplies as I really enjoy making Christmas cards for everyone each year. Then I remembered that I had saw someone make postcards out of polymer clay, so that is how I am going to make my cards this year. Hey maybe it will start a new tradition. 

On a more somber note. Today would have been my hubbys 44th birthday. I have to admit I kept it out of my head most of the day. Some times I just have to keep those thoughts on the back burner to make it through a day, especially ones like today. But none the less I just have to take a moment to say Happy Birhtday baby!! I love you and miss you everyday!!

To pose a question to all those out there in the blogger world....

What is something you do for Christmas that doesn't cost a dime that you couldn't imagine not doing? What are some of your "free" traditions? 

May your day be filled with smiles and blessings!!


  1. You know, what better way to start teaching your grandson about the true meaning of the season. I think it's not only ok but good that he isn't being showered with so many gifts that he can't appreciate any of them (like most kids) One suggestion I have is to start a few traditions that he can count on - a certain sweet thing you make only at this time of year or that you let him help you make(you can buy extra small baking pans he can use with your help to make his own tiny cake. Read to him in front of the tree - special holiday stories you read to him (I prefer the classics) and you can get these from the library for free. My kids always remember the traditions that were repeated year after year. Some were really funny, like grandpa always buying grandma a too-sexy nightgown every year and her embarassment when she opened it. :) I love your idea for the blanket. That could be a tradition too - only every year it might have to get bigger! The polymer postcards is great! If they aren't too heavy they could be tree ornaments! I am going to make polymer sun ornaments for solstice. I'm not really very crafty so I'm hoping for the best and using a cookie cutter. I hope this turns out to be the best holiday ever!

  2. Aine you are so right. It's the perfect opportunity to teach him the really special things about this holiday instead of the commercialized side of it. Thank you so much for the great ideas, love the one about the cake and will be adding it to my list. Sun ornaments is a great idea and nothing wrong with a cookie cutter at all, I use them all the time!! Blessings!!!