Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today has been a very busy day, but a great day. Took most of the morning to rearrange furniture and clean to get to the point of putting up the tree. 

But it is up and has the lights on it. That is progress because there is so much I put up. LOL I can't find the beads for the tree though so I am at a stand still. So I had to take a moment to share this photo with everyone. 

I took all the lights out and plugged them in to make sure we had full strands and little man had to help and I just loved the way the glow of the lights shined up on him. Like a little angel. 

Little man glowing from the lights.

Then he found the bows and of course grandma had to put one on his head, though he thought it was more fun to flick it off right as I would get the camera ready. Thankfully I got him distracted with the lights again to catch this one. Little blurry but I had to move quick.

My present this year came early. 

Then he and I sat down at the computer and watched some Christmas lights with music on YouTube. It was so cute because he would clap after each one ended. Almost like watching fireworks, we were both ohhing and ahhing. 

Time to get back to work on finding those beads. 

May your day be filled with smiles and blessings!!

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