Friday, December 17, 2010

In The Navy Now....

This has been a crazy week and one thing has really turned me all around. My eldest daughter, Becca, joined the Navy and she left for boot camp on Tuesday. My youngest daughter was in the Marines and I completely expected it from her as she is a big time tom boy. But Becca, she is my princess. She is the one that loved to be in dresses and be all pretty. So to image her being in the dirt and mud has really pushed at me. Becca isn't a delicate flower, far from it. She is a very strong willed and very independent person so I know she will exceed at this, it's just taking me some time to swallow all of it. 

When she is done with boot camp she will go to school for Avionic. Planes? OMGoodness. My baby working on Planes? What the heck is going on? This isn't my princess anymore that is for sure. 

I know she is probably scared and tired and freezing as she is at Great Lakes, Illinois. I really want to go to her graduation, another reason this house has to sale soon because if it does I will definitely be able to go, if it doesn't I won't. I was there when Tash graduated Marine Corps boot camp and as a mother it is pulling at my heart to definitely be there for Beccas. 

My hubby, Chuck, was in the Navy for many years and as Becca said "I am following in my dad's footsteps." He would be so proud of her. We have never pushed the girls to join the military, but the pride I feel for both of them makes my heart swell. 

Have to run to get to work, but could everyone out there say a little prayer, light a candle, send some positive energy to my little princess out there as she goes through the hell of boot camp. I'm sure she could use all she could get right now. And maybe a little my way to sale this house so I know I can go to her graduation. Thank you to everyone and I'm sending you all love and light on this glorious day!!!

May your day be filled with smiles and blessings!!!


  1. Sometimes princesses are surprisingly tough and rugged! Good luck to Becca!

  2. I sure will send all kinds of good energy towards her. I'm sure she'll be fine! My daughter is a Marine, and I remember how hard this time is, especially for those at home! She told me, "They have a different approach for the women in the service - they have the break down the boys but they have to build up the girls." So the princess will emerge a queen!!

  3. She has your genes darlin' she will better than fine!!
    Happy New Year dear one!!
    Everything you ever wanted is waiting, open that door!!
    Love and hugs.