Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One of my ornaments

Here are the ornaments that I am working on for this holiday season. Finally got my camera working, amazing how new batteries make something work. lol. 

Click for larger image.

Quick little how to on making these...

Still a few things I have to do to them, but if you decide you want to give them a try this will at least get you to the point I am at right now. 

Things needed:

Snowflake cookie cutter
Polymer clay - pearl (I prefer Cernit, but any brand will work)
Ultra Light Polymer Clay
Pool Blue Acrylic paint (Apple Barrel Brand)
Thin paint brushes
Glitter Speciality Glaze (Making Memories, it's actually meant for                                                                                                                            scrap booking)
Flat back rhinestones or pearls (also usually meant for paper crafts)
Liquid polymer clay or white glue
Usual polymer clay tools: Pasta Machine, acrylic rod, blending tool, etc. 

I used the Ultra Light because of it's weight obviously, I wanted them to be a bit more substantial in width but not have the added weight. 

I worked the Ultra Light with my hands until it was softer and then rolled it out with the acrylic rod to flatten it so it would fit through the pasta machine. 
Then I rolled it through the pasta machine at the thickest setting. 
Using the cookie cutter to cut them out. 
I then baked it following the manufactures instructions. 

I then worked the pearl polymer clay until soft and pliable. 
Rolled that out with the acrylic rod as well to fit the machine. 
I then rolled it at the thickest setting and worked through each setting until it was down to the fifth largest setting. 
Cut out shape using same cookie cutter. 
I found the Ultra Light had shrank just a little enough to be able to use the same size cutter. 
Then I spread a little liquid polymer clay (can use the white glue for this step, it's to help the raw clay stick to the baked UL) on each side of the Ultra Light pre-bake snowflakes.
Using 2 of the pearl snowflakes, I placed one on each side of the Ultra Light snowflakes.
Using the blending tool or your finger blend the seams around the edges of the snowflakes to get the two sides of clay to blend together. Encasing the UL in the pearl clay.

I usually will take cornstarch or Armor All at this point and coat everything and start to work all the blemishes with my fingers. I can feel where any fingernail marks may be or any little bump and pits. The cornstarch or Armor All allows my fingers to slide over the surface easier and helps a little with not adding too many more fingerprints. You want some fingerprints, it's that homemade mark. :)

Then bake at the manufactures suggested temperature for about 20 minutes or so.

**Few notes on baking.... I have an oven that I use specifically for my clay so I tend to just grab the timer on the oven and spin it without looking. It's usually for me about 30 minutes, but it varies. Depends how strong my hand is that day. lol As long as your oven is calibrated properly and the temperature (always use an oven thermometer) is correct I found that it doesn't matter how long just as long it is more than the minimum the manufacture suggests. Some pieces I have done have been in and out of the oven so much that they have baked for hours before I am finished. As long as it doesn't go over your clays temperature it shouldn't burn. (I say shouldn't, but be prepared for something to burn, it happens even to the best of us.) I also put a tent of aluminum foil over everything I bake, not sure what it technically, scientifically does, but it works with even heat so I go with it. 

Turn off oven (mine goes off automatically when the timer goes off) and let cool in the oven. 

When completely cooled I used the paint to paint on the lines. This was completely freeform. Just started in the center and went out to the points. Then just basically doodle away however you want them to look. 
Once the paint has completely dried use the glitter glaze to trace over the lines to give it that little sparkle. I used a thin paint brush for this as well, and yes it will ruin the paint brush, so I made sure to sit down and do the glaze at the same time to only ruin one brush.
This glaze is sticky enough that it held the rhinestones on, but for more security you could wait for the glaze to dry to use a tacky glue to adhere them in the places that you would like them. 

I haven't drilled the holes to hang these yet as I am trying to decide how I want to hang them. Don't really want to go through the front of them and ruin their look, but going side to side might be a bit difficult and make the tips weak, so not sure yet. Also thinking about painting and glazing them on both sides in case they should happen to flip over on the tree, but again not sure so haven't decided. 

Loved how the rhinestone sparkled in this picture.

This was my first tutorial type of thing. Always wanted to do one, now I have. :) Hope it was enough information and not too much either. Enjoy!! 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask using the comment field below. Any comments are always welcome!!!

May your day be filled with smiles and blessings!!

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