Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quiet Day

So I decided to take advantage of my youngest new venture of going to church. Why not take a some what bad thing, well not bad for her or me really, but go with me on this. Take a bad thing and turn it into something good. So she left early this morning with AJ and before she left I lined up my iTunes with all my Pagan music and the minute the door closed from her walking out I pushed play and just breathed. It was wonderful and still is as she is still out and about. Though I am a bit concerned she has AJ out at this time of night but it's her child and she will pay the price when he is a cranky pants from being out late. I said some little "prayers" to the Goddess to help me through this trying time with the kiddo and as always to guide me and bless me with some peace. I kind of had my own little "church service". So that's what I have decided to do when she goes off to hers I am going to have my own. 

MoMo has spent the day with me, he doesn't come out much when AJ is home and awake. So he spent most of the day following me around and is right now sitting at the front door looking outside. So many sights and smells, he is a happy boy right now and is giving me a big smile. Right now he hears a frog out there and is looking all over for it. 

I worked on the laundry and the last load is in the dryer. Yeah clean uniforms for work tomorrow and hey matching socks too!! That is a party in my books lately. Kiddo doesn't like to fold the clothes, only washes and dries them, so I have to either do it myself or rummage through baskets every time I need something and socks are the hardest to find at 7am when I can careless what is on my feet. 

I did work on some clay stuff. Made a couple of Marie Segals hearts from the tutorial she put up a couple of days ago. Very cute and another one I could see getting addicted to. Not a lot done in that area but my hands were in clay after so long of doing no crafts so I was a happy girl. I was also working on getting my craft area a bit more organized. It was such a disaster and actually still is but it is on the right track. Trying to make the clay a little more assessable when I am sitting down to work on something. Want it to be more visible. 

I did come to the realization that one of the reasons that I wasn't crafting more lately is because every time I would sit down to craft I would get frustrated because nothing was turning out. So about two weeks ago I made myself sit down and said that I had to make something no matter how it turned out. Again not so great then I realized I CAN'T SEE AS CLEAR!! It wasn't that I had forgotten or lost my touch it was because I can't see as well and was squinting the whole time. That gets very tiring on the eyes so I would give up from being tired and not liking what I was seeing, thinking it had to do with my abilities. To quick to think that my talent was the problem. I picked up some of those little cheap reading glasses at Wally World last week and when I sat down today to make the little hearts everything was working perfectly and it was like I was back to my old self. And OLD being the operative word here. Old age is playing havoc with me all over my life. 

OH OH MoMo is getting frisky time for mommy to play with him and add more scratches to my arms and hands. :)

May your day be filled with many smiles and blessings. 


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  1. Hi Honey!! I want to see pictures girl!!
    I am so glad I inspired you a little.
    I want to see pictures though.
    Come show me!!!
    Thanks for the compliments on my video, it was just a test really, I made so many mistakes and learned a lot.
    Love and huge hugs dear one!!