Saturday, January 29, 2011

Started studying

I am one of those type people that needs to know the reason why for everything. Someone will tell me they need to move something from one place to another and I will need to know why they are doing it before I can even begin to help them with it. It's usually because until it makes sense to me I don't see the purpose of it and if there is no purpose for it then I have no drive to do it. I don't know if there is some technical, psychological word for it, most just call it me being a pain in the butt. I'm not a "just do it" type of person. Too much of a thinker I guess. 

Anyway I have been going over in my mind where I want to "start" my studying when it comes to my Pagan path. Some may say just go with it....refer to above about not being a "just do it" type of person. I need to know at least some of the ends and outs before I can even begin. 

I have scoured the internet as that is all I have access to right now and have found nothing in the lines of a way to begin or steps to take to start the path. At first I was lost but quickly realized that the steps to take are the ones that I lay before me. One persons way may not be the way I would choose. So I am making my own and decided to start with the Esbats and Sabbats. 

I thought about starting with the phases of the moon but when I was reading that it was referring a lot to the Esbats and Sabbats and as I didn't know the difference with those I delved deeper into those to get a good base to work from and this is what I came up with so far. 

Please let me know if I get this wrong or if I missed something really important. Sort of like the saying "It takes a village to raise a child", maybe it should take a village to "raise" a Pagan. lol

This won't be in any particular order as it is kind of the notes I was taking as I was reading. Nor is it a full description, what have you, for each of the things. Just a jumping off point for me. 

Esbats are lunar. They are the 13 full moons of the year. One for each month and then the 13 refers to the "Blue Moon". Deals mostly with the new moon and the full moon. These are what is referred to as the "working" holidays. These are the days to work on what you want to bring in or banish from your life depending on the phase of the moon. These are held to honor the Goddess and her passing from Maiden to Mother to Crone. 

Sabbats are solar. These are the 8 Pagan holidays. 2 solstices - 2 equinoxes - 4 cross-quarters. They are the cycle of the Earth's seasons. Wheel of the year is a graphic to show the Sabbats. Sabbats deal with the location of the sun. These are to celebrate the changing of the seasons, gathering of the harvest, etc. These are held to honor the God and his passing from birth, to life, to death, and to rebirth. 

Sabbats begin on the sunset of that day and go through the sunset of the following day. 

Samhain - cross quarter day - half way between Mabon and Yule. It is on the same day every year. Oct. 31st through Nov. 1st. 

Yule - quarter day - Winter Solstice. Date varies every year. For 2011 is it on Dec. 22nd through Dec. 23rd. 

Imbolc/Imbolg - cross-quarter day - half way between Yule and Ostara. Same day every year Feb. 2nd to Feb. 3rd. 

Ostara - quarter day Spring Equinox. Varies as well. 2011 it's on March 20th to March 21st

Beltane - cross-quarter day - half way between Ostara and Litha/Midsummer. Same every year May 1st to May 2nd

Midsummer/Litha - quarter day Summer Solstice. Varies - for 2011 June 21 to June 22nd.

Lughnassadh/Lammas - cross-quarter day - half way between Litha/Midsummer and Mabon. Same July 30th to July 31st

Mabon - quarter day Autumn Equinox. Varies - for 2011 Sept. 23rd to Sept. 24th. 

Quarter days from what I gather are named so because they are the quarter marks for the year. Quarter days (starting November 1st) is the first day of the month every three months. 

Cross-quarter days mark the middle of each season. IE the middle of winter, half way mark from the start of winter to the start of spring. Cross-quarter days hit midway between the quarter days. 

Equinox is where the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun. 

Solstice is when the sun reaches it northernmost and southernmost extremes. 

That's what I have so far. Just in that little bit things seem to make more sense to me. Not a lot of information but now I get it. LOL Now the question is will I remember it tomorrow? This is why I am blogging way to help this old brain of mine. 

So would this be the type of thing that someone would put in their Book of Shadows or am I missing the point of a Book of Shadows? Or does one put whatever they want in their Book of Shadows? Now that I think about it, I think I do want this in my Book of Shadows. It's mine anyway and can have whatever I want. LOL

Next I want to break down each of the Sabbats. Maybe make a post for each of them. With this I am hoping to break down each thing further and further. Maybe after that deal with the herbs that go with the Sabbats or maybe the tools that are used for each of the Sabbats. I don't know yet really I am just letting the God/Goddess lead me on where they want me to go. I start reading and whatever I feel is supposed to be next then I go with it. Does that make sense? 

Have to get to bed. My littleman AJ is spending the night with his grandma and won't go to bed until I do so time to hit the hay. 

And as always...

May your day be filled with many smiles and blessings!!!


  1. This is a great way to learn! Of course, over time you will find your own unique way, usually by accepting certain traditions and rejecting some. As for the Sabbats, in my experience many Wiccans celebrate the turning of the wheel (changing of the seasons and the path of the sun) and they do so by honoring both God and Goddess. How they do this varies. The Esbats, however, are almost universally used to honor the Goddess. This is also the time that magical work is done - the full moon time is very strong, the new moon is for bringing in new things and the dark moon for releasing and banishing.

    The Book of Shadows can be organized any way you like. It is very personal. Since I have started and restarted a few, I suggest that you print out a bunch of stuff you find and wait until you decide on your plan for organization before officially putting it in a BOS, otherwise you too will make many books. :) BOS usually is a mix of information on the craft, ritual scripts, and spells.

  2. Thank you Aine! I was struggling on where to begin and then it just hit me. Begin my way!! What a concept. lol Being raised Christian, someone always took your hand and helped you along the way. I have to say I like this way a lot better. Find my own path and definitely lay down my own stepping stones.

    I will definitely be going with your suggestion on the BOS, because I can definitely see myself making one and not liking something about it and making another one.

    Thank you again Aine!

    Many smiles and blessings to you and yours!!