Friday, February 4, 2011

Few new things

So I haven't been doing any real studying the past few days. I think I am still adjusting to living alone again. I am finally relaxing and just being so I seem to be tired constantly. Really annoying as my mind isn't tired as well so it keeps going but my body is still back at the starting line. 

I have been totally loving all the podcasts out there. I have downloaded so many on my iPod and listen to them all day at work. So much fun!! Maybe that has been my studying. On the Pagan Hooligans she is talking about tarot cards and that has really peaked my interest in those. Then on Witchesbrewhaha she has herbal and stone sections and that has my interest peaked as well. I guess I am going to hop around in my studying and for me that is perfect. I can't keep my brain on one subject for too long otherwise I get bored and lose interest. 

I do have some pictures of my altar from Imbolc I just need to upload them and get them on here. Just haven't found the energy to deal with it. I have to adjust all my USB plugs to plug in the SD card so been putting that off. 

I have ordered me some books and stuff and I am waiting anxiously to get everything in. I ordered the books "The Craft" and "The Craft Companion", did I already tell everyone that? I think I did, oh well. I also ordered "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" and a deck of tarot cards - "The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck". Read that is a good basic one, hopefully that is right and a good one to start with. Just really want to study each of the cards, which I could do without the deck but I want to be able to look at each cards closely and see what I get out of them. 

I also got a few oils and some sage sticks. I am really amazed at the smell of the oils. I guess I have expected them to stink. I got sage, lavender, frankincense, and myrrh. The frankincense and myrrh are the ones that really amazed me. They smell so good!!! Frankincense is kind of a spicy smell and myrrh is a very sweet smell, almost like cookies or something. I can't place what the smells remind me of but it is something. But love them so much!! Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated. Maybe that's what I should study next. YEAH that would be a great idea. Just start with the ones I have and then expand from there. 

Past couple of days have been really busy at work and that might be why I have been so tired. Guess I just need a good day of rest and hoping to get that on Sunday. I only work four hours tomorrow thank goodness. Hopefully it will be a quick four hours. Well I am getting really sleepy and I am sure MoMo is ready for bed as well. So off to read and head to lala land. 

And as always...

Many smiles and blessings to you and yours!!


  1. Well Julia I know how it is, sometimes we got so much energy in us and some days not~~. Don't worry ,it will turn around> Im a little tired too today, no reason. Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. There are two schools of thought on tarot cards for beginners. One is to start with the Rider deck and the other is to use a deck that "calls to you." I think because I studied the tarot formerly in a class I think it's always wise to start with the Rider deck, get to know it well before going onto another. (and you will.....) Tarot cards are a little addicting, however, I have learned a lot by using other decks - their visuals add to the meanings of the cards. I am now working with the Thoth deck - which I tried to use when I was a beginner (20 years ago) and it was just too different then - I hadn't worked with the more conventional decks enough yet, but now I absolutely love it and yes, connect with it. So I think you are wise to use the Rider. It is still one of my very favorite decks because of the incredible symbolism. My very very favorite tarot books I can recommend are:

    Easy Tarot Guide by Marcia Marsino
    78 degrees of wisdom by Rachel Pollack
    choice centered tarot - Gail Fairfield
    Tarot Spells by Janina Renee
    Tarot as a Way of life - Karen Hamaker Zondag
    Tarot for Yourself - Mary Kay Greer

    Easy Tarot Guide is my favorite of all time!


  3. ps: I used the Tarot Spells book to perform my first spells and seriously. they worked. Just something to think about.

  4. Andrea thank you so much for the support, really appreciate it!! It has gotten better thank Goddess!! Getting all kinds of things done today!! Woohoo!!

    Aine are you telling me I am going to be collecting tarot cards? LOL I think I could live with that. I have added the books you suggested to my wishlist on Amazon and will definitely be getting the Easy Tarot Guide first. I looked through it and I love the fact that it has assignments and deals with how I feel about each card. Thank you so much for the suggestions!! My cards are supposed to show up tomorrow so I am so excited!!

    Many smiles and blessings to you both!!!!

  5. The Rider-Waite is a great deck to start out with, although when I was first learning tarot I hated the Rider-Waite. Now I love it.

    I had a fantastic class that required that deck and learned that if you can read the RW, you can read almost any other deck. All decks are either based on or in opposition (like the Thoth) of the RW. So once you learn the symbolism and meanings of the cards in RW, it is easy to apply to other RW-based decks.

    Some of my fave tarot books-

    Tarot for All Seasons by Christine Jette- tarot spreads for all the moons & sabbats

    The Secret Language of Tarot by Wald & Ruth Ann Amberstone- explores all the symbolism in the tarot

    21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary K. Greer- 21 methods for learning the traditional meanings and discovering your own personal interpretations of the cards

    Have fun with the tarot-- its a great tool!