Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lesson One

I received the book yesterday that I ordered, well one of them and the tarot cards. The book is "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft". It's really good actually. I had heard that it wasn't the easiest of reads but it hasn't been so bad and really enjoying it actually. There are little questions and things to think about at the end of each lesson. At first I wasn't too sure I would do that part of the book but the questions are actually really good. So I started it today and am taking my time to really absorb the information. I did get a few of the essay questions today and it is very enlightening. So I thought I would share with everyone and maybe get some feed back on what I have so far. Like I said before "takes a village" and I am sticking with my idea of that. 

Lesson One Questions

1. It is often helpful to examine your feelings/attitudes toward a philosophy or topic we are interested in. What is your understanding, feelings of Witchcraft? Examine your impressions, preconceptions, biases, etc. How have your reactions changed regarding Witchcraft throughout your life? 

What is your understanding, feelings of Witchcraft? 

My understanding is that Witchcraft is about the balances in life.  As in nature there is a male and female side to everything; from animals, to humans, to even plants. No one side is stronger they are an equal part in life. It's also about respecting everything that we see around us. Everything has energy and that energy is life and should be treated with respect and love. It's about nature and how it evolves throughout the year. How it progresses through the different seasons and being happy in the fact that we have been blessed to be here to enjoy and revere the change. It's about seeing the God and Goddess in all things including ourselves.
My feelings on Witchcraft as I sit here today are that is how it's supposed to be for me. Simple but accurate for me. It just seems natural. Maybe that is why the word natural has always seemed like a very powerful word to me. I feel a peace when I think of Witchcraft, though I struggle with some of the past misconceptions that have been told to me, have to work to get those recordings out of the brain. But when those creep in I know that they are just that, misconceptions, and I try to wipe them out as quickly as possible. They are like a seed, let them take root and they will, throw them away and they can't take over your thinking.

How have your reactions changed regarding Witchcraft throughout your life? 

I remember when I was a child growing up Christian that I thought Witchcraft was evil and anyone that practiced it was evil and unholy. Thought that it was devil based. The more I started to think for myself I started to question everything with Christianity and religion. Things just didn't seem to added up in my mind and heart. It didn't seem to be about love, though I am sure for some it is very loving, but for me it wasn't. I watched all the "Christians" around me and didn't see love and acceptance. I saw judgement and hypocrisy. What kind of religion and "enlightment" is that? That didn't seem very enlightening to me.

And what about the world around us? The air and water and plants and animals? Where did they all fall into everything? I remember as a child bumping a plant and turning and saying sorry. I also had a cactus as a child that I would pet and talk to. Don't know why I did these things, just did. I always thought as a child that things had feelings, which I know now is energy but back then I thought they had feelings. Always thought about things being even, have to give just as much water to this plant that I give the others because it will hurt it's feelings if I don't. Same with animals and just about everything around me. I never thought I was more important than anything else on the earth, not a person or a plant or an animal, but a different form of life.

The more I learned about different religions throughout the world I realized that there isn't one true path to the Divine, that all paths lead us to the Divine. With that learning I realized that I had to find my path. And I really felt drawn to how the ancestors celebrated and worshipped the Divine. I always had the feeling of being drawn to how it was orginally done. How did the beginning people celebrate the Divine? How did they connect with the Divine? That's what I wanted to learn and be like. To me that was a time when there wasn't persecution for religion. It wasn't that everyone did it the same, it was a time when people did what they FELT was right. Isn't it that concept that makes the most sense? Wouldn't the Divine be within us to let us know what is right and wrong, isn't that what are intuition is for? Isn't it our intuition that we should be listening to me, because for me that is the Divine. That is my Jiminy Cricket of sort to reference a modern day representation of intuition. I think that is something that a lot of people ignore now days is their intuition and it is such a shame because I feel that is the Divine talking to us and trying to guide us on our path.

I really had found that all my beliefs and convictions all lie within Witchcraft. It's what feels right to me. I have grown to be a better and more certain person just with the studying I have done. It feels like home to me. It is my path to the Divine.

2. There are many different denominations of Witchcraft. Based on what you know at this point, which denominations do you think you would like to practice, and why? 

I can't say that I would pick any of them right now. In reading the short descriptions on each of them there was something that didn't ring true with me in each of them. I'm not sure if it isn't the right time in my learning to pick one or if maybe none will ever be the one for me. So I think for now I am just going to learn and see where it leads me, might be one of them might be none of them, so it's a time to just wait and see.

3. The earliest conceptions of primitive magick dealt with sympathetic magick. How can sympathetic magick help you today? In what ways can you foresee using it? List some possibilites. 

How can sympathetic magick help you today?

Not sure if this would be considered sympathetic magick or not, but as in my case wanting to move to Arkansas I try to visualize myself driving down a road in Arkansas. Maybe it would be closer to taking a picture of Akransas and then paint shopping a picture of me into that picture.
Or if I am need of money to pay a certain bill I would actually make out the check for that exact amount made out to who the money was due to, which in turn will bring that money to me to pay that bill.
It could be used to banish things out of your life as well, but not too sure that is a good idea as the concept of banishing isn't something I am caring for right now. Seems so permanent. But to use sympathetic magick for banishing, you could make an effigy of that object and burn it to take away that object from your life.
Could it also be just making the effigy and placing it in a place where it will be seen on a regular basis that that will bring it into your life? I would say it was the same. So maybe making a small house and placing it on the mantle, if you are wanting to find a house you want to make your home, would that be sympathetic magick as well?

In what ways can you foresee using it? List some possibilities. 

In my first example I could definitely see using it for that. A way of depicting me already living in Arkansas and having that around would be a perfect way to me to use sympathetic magick.

Also writing the check for the amount of money I need to pay a bill would be another I would use.

In the banishing aspect I am not at a place right now to use it, but one way that I could see using it is if I wanted to get rid of all negative thinking. Make something that I see as representing negative thinking or even energy and then burning it till it is nothing but ash.

That's what I have so far.

Many smiles and blessings!!!

Bold and Italic questions copied from "Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft" by Raymond Buckland

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  1. Buckland's a master, all right! You're smart to keep your path options open and flexible. See where your spiritual journey leads you!